Slam your way through hoards of viruses, unleash devastating shock waves of data, and hurl your friends through cyberspace in the electrifying physics-based arcade game Cyberpulse.

Innovative Twin-Stick Combat

Experience the pulse-pounding levels that combine classic shmup gameplay with inventive physics-based mechanics to create a stunning adventure.

  • 70+ semi-procedural levels filled with diverse enemies, game modes, secret unlocks, and bosses
  • Original music score chock full of intense synthwave
  • Exhibit your best scores on the community leaderboards

Thrilling Multiplayer Battles

Knock your friends into firewalls in the frenetic 2-4 player versus modes. With easy-to-learn controls and endless customization, the multiplayer modes have something every gamer will enjoy.

  • 12+ electrifying power-ups to knock out your friends
  • 100+ unique versus maps stuffed with obstacles
  • Dozens of settings to customize your multiplayer experience from a hilarious party game to a competitive arena brawler